New Online Casinos – Welcome You to the New Gambling Era of Victories

The gambling industry is developing rapidly every day. With the constant evolution of technologies, gambling providers and operators apply the best innovations in their products. New online casino platforms aim at providing you with a new, more exciting, and powerful experience. They work on their graphics, designs, bonus systems, interfaces, support services, and many other features. All to satisfy a picky customer.

The competition is tight, so casinos try to do their best. However, scams are always there as well. So besides picking a better option, you should take care of your money and data security.

new casinos canada

New Canadian online casinos distinctive features

Mainly, new online casinos Canada 2021 aim to provide users with a unique experience and win the market competition. If a new operator is smart and creative, the casino can make great use of years of gambling experience. It is easy to open a new casino, but it is a struggle to make it competitive. In some cases, a new casino can be a branch of the existing reputable gaming company. But mostly, it is an independent project that needs to create its name.

New casino sites take the best from the gathered knowledge and developing technologies. They create distinctive advantages that make Canadian gamers look in their direction. The following features can characterize freshly opened platforms:

  • new websites often offer bigger and more interesting bonuses to attract users; they include a wider range of bonus games, bonus levels, mixed packs, and so on;
  • new operators can include gaming elements in the process of using a website; so besides playing the casino game itself, you can enjoy collecting reward points, completing levels and missions, playing with friends, and many more;
  • websites start to offer new mobile casino options; more and more casinos start to have their mobile application compatible with any device;
  • the variety of games is growing every day; new casinos offer games with better graphics and visuals, a deeper reality effect, smoother transitions, and more complex gameplays;
  • new sites announce their payout rates more proudly than ever; it is an important instrument in the competition, so casinos tend to increase their rates and make them more transparent.

The list of all characteristics does not stop on those mentioned features. It does not stop at all. The main advantage of the new platform is that there can always be something new and unique. New ideas and new technologies get in step with each other. The gambling industry has already achieved great results in its development. And there is way more to come.

New online casino bonus

Bonuses are one of the main advertisement instruments that help new casinos win the competition. By introducing new bonus codes, online casinos aim to attract a new user to the website and then make him a permanent user. Websites available in Canada use different types of bonuses for these purposes:

  • a welcome bonus – granted upon the registration, it increases your first deposit by 100-200% up to a stated sum;
  • a no deposit bonus – granted upon the registration, it provides you with a fixed sum of C$ or spins without any deposit;
  • a daily/weekly/monthly promotion – you receive a certain amount of C$ or spins for regular playing and depositing;
  • a cashback bonus – you can receive a certain part of your deposit or your bet back;
  • a bonus for high rollers – you can receive C$, spins, or prizes for regular large deposits;
  • a game-specific bonus – you can collect C$, spins, or points for choosing a particular new game that the casino tries to promote;
  • a mobile bonus – you can collect C$, spins, or points for downloading an app to your device.

New casinos tend to increase the amount of their bonus. They also widen the range of games, on which you can apply the bonus. Another tendency is mixing up different promotions to make them even more attractive.

Picking up a casino by its bonus, you must remember about wagering requirements. They state how many times you have to bet the sum of the bonus to finally withdraw your winnings. Some new casinos try to offer lower terms for wagering than average.

New online casinos Canada payout rate

Payout rates, also known as Return to Player percentages (RTP), are an important piece of information that you can make great use of. The percentage shows the number of cents that you would averagely receive from every wagered C$. It takes millions of games to calculate this rate. Thus, it may not be perfectly true for your single game. You can use it to get a general understanding of the game’s profitability.

An average RTP percentage for a good casino varies between 94% and 98%. New websites tend to have their rate closer to the upper threshold. While they are fresh and little known, they use higher rates to attract more users.

Usually, a gaming software developer establishes a certain RTP for each game. So, in this case, a new casino influences a choice of games represented on the website and additional bonuses that can make playing more beneficial.

new casino games

New software and games

The development of technologies is a crucial point for the whole gambling industry. Software providers try to keep up with time and implement innovations into their products. Of course, this fact influences your gaming experience. It makes your experience shift from slightly different to unique.

New Canadian casinos offer the selection of gaming provides for any taste. Some new websites stick to the tried and tested path of cooperation with world-leading titles. Having such brands as Microgaming or Playtech in your collection guarantees the quality of games from the very beginning. Other new operators try to make their path by cooperating with new or smaller developers. In many cases, a smaller developer puts even bigger effort into its product than huge brands. Since they need to create weight and reputation for their names, the quality of games and software is nearly transcendent.

New sites often provide an opportunity of playing live and recreating the atmosphere of a real Vegas casino. More and more new gaming companies understand that they need to show uniqueness to stand out among others. For example, you can already find certain developments in the sphere of VR gambling.

Generally, the software of new casino platforms brings the player’s experience to a new level. The graphics become deeper and more realistic. All transitions are faster and smoother. New games receive more complex and interesting gameplay. And even the website itself feels more fresh, modern, intuitive, and interesting.

Optimized mobile casino experience

You hardly can imagine your life without your mobile phone. Those days when its only function was communication are long gone. Today, your mobile serves you basically as a vital link between you and the whole world. You communicate, share and receive information, express your thoughts, create, entertain yourself via your phone. And the most important thing is that you can do that wherever and whenever you want.

Gambling operators created an opportunity for you to access the gaming world via your mobile. “Wherever and whenever you want” could truly stand for a new slogan of the gambling industry. The latest casino versions are becoming more and more mobile-oriented.

New websites are not just totally compatible with most mobile browsers. Most of them offer a new mobile casino application. Any Canadian gamer can easily download such an app and enjoy his favourite games on the go, travelling, on a break, and so on. The orientation on mobile casino software became a priority for new operators. Statistics show that the number of mobile casino users is already bigger and continues growing.

When you choose a new casino, you can be sure to have access to it via your phone. This will help you manage your gaming time more efficiently and conveniently.

New online casinos vs reputed brands

The difference between new Canadian online casinos and older reputed casinos is obvious. However, there is no definite answer to what is better. Both have strong sides, and it is up to you to decide what suits you most.

The main advantages of older casino brands lie in their reputation and experience. When a casino worked long and hard to create a certain reputation, it will do its best to maintain it. So reputed brands guarantee the safety and fairness of all your transactions and games. And usually, hundreds of reviews can support this statement. Such casinos have a larger pool of players. It can work for better tournaments and other event choices. Your games will also be more predictable, which can make you feel safer.

New casinos compensate for lack of lasting reputation and a huge pool of gamers with better bonuses and advanced software. Therefore, they support a comfortable and visually excellent game with pleasant boosters that constitute your advantages,

When choosing a casino, it is important to remember that old casinos often stay old while new ones gain their reputation and reliable users every month. At some point, such casinos can seem equal. So you need to apply certain filters to separate good choices from false ones.

Choosing a new online casino Canada: what to consider

New casino websites flood the market with bright advertisements and tempting offers. There are hundreds of choices, and you need just one to start. Without knowing what you’re looking for, you can wander around for too long. Thus, you need at least several filters to sort out findings.

Even if new casino sites look different, you can easily apply these basic filters. They can help you compare several platforms and understand whether you can trust a casino. These features include:

  • safety – only legal casino platforms can guarantee the safety of your personal information and money; legal websites must have a licence from a proper gambling commission;
  • usability – if you’d like to feel comfortable in the game, this technological aspect is important; check whether you like the interface and navigation, how fast you can load the game or any other page, how you can enjoy games on the go via your mobile;
  • players’ reviews – learn what other gamers say about their experience at new online casinos before choosing them; you will see the reputation of the website and how it resolves any disputes;
  • the collection of games – even the safest casino will be useless if it doesn’t have the game you’d like to play; check what gaming categories the website offers and what software provides power to those games; it is always better when some of the world-leading titles like Microgaming, NetEnt, or PlayTech are present; they guarantee the quality of your experience;
  • bonuses – make sure to have the best boosters for your gaming time; check if platforms have nice welcome offers with significant sums and suitable requirements for wagering;
  • payment methods – the whole point of hitting the jackpot is about being able to cash it out; make sure that the casino’s payment methods are available for Canadian gamers.

A lot of gambling forums make casino rankings analyzing different variables. You can start your search with top websites there.

Choosing a new online casino Canada: the liсence aspect

Canada allows its gamers to play only on legit online platforms. The website receives legal status if it obtains a licence from a proper gambling commission. A licence means that the casino meets certain standards and conditions and holds responsibility for its relations with customers.

For you, a casino licence means safety. When you share your personal information with a website and deposit money, a legal casino undertakes to provide protection, confidentiality, and fairness. The authority issuing a licence undertakes to supervise any disputes between an operator and a gamer. It guarantees fair resolution.

how to play new casinos

How to play at new Canadian casinos?

When you have already picked a great casino website, there are just a few steps between you and the best time of your life. You need to become a registered user. Different sites can have slightly differing registration processes, but the core stages are the same:

  1. setting up the account – after opening the casino website, you click on the “sign up” button; the registration form will open and ask you to enter your personal information such as name, phone number, email, address, date of birth, and gender; then you make up your login and password for all future sign-ins and complete the registration;
  2. verifying your account – the casino needs to know that you are a real person; it can ask you to provide any confirmation of your identity and address; you will need to upload photos or scans of your passport, ID card, or driving licence; keep in mind that verification can last for a couple of days and manage your time;
  3. making the first deposit – when you finished creating and verifying your account, you can proceed with establishing your playing budget via the most suitable payment method; click on the chosen option and enter your payment data and the desired sum, then click to confirm; in most options, your account receives the money within a few minutes;
  4. claiming a welcome bonus – making a deposit, consider requirements of the welcome bonus; pick a sum that will suit you and make the best use of the offered booster; collect your bonus after receiving money on your gaming balance or apply new bonus codes – online casinos have both variants; note the expiration date;
  5. starting a game –you logged in to your account, put money on your balance, and collected your gift; now, you can click on the game that is bound to the bonus or any other game you like and start playing.

You need to follow these steps just once on a new website. If you decide to switch a casino, you will need to go through the whole process again.

Tips on how to play and benefit at new casinos

When you picked a reliable online casino, you should create a new player account to start any game. Several tips can also help you enhance your gaming potential:

  1. make sure you got a welcome bonus; this bonus usually connects to a particular game, so you can play exactly that game to have a better start with gifted money and spins;
  2. allow updates to your email about new promotions or regularly check the promotion page not to miss a pleasant offer;
  3. prepare several strategies for playing table games since it can influence your success;
  4. establish a certain budget for the game and never exceed it – thus, you will not lose more than you can afford;
  5. play when you feel good – gambling is about having a great time which won’t be possible if you feel sick or tired; it is also much easier to miss something important if your health or feelings distract you.

Such tips are straightforward to follow, and they can save you from problems as well as increase your profit.

New Online Casinos FAQ

The best Canadian online casino will have the biggest welcome bonus, an incredible gaming collection, around 98% RTP, and a proper licence.
Good casinos have the RTP range of 94-98%. Thus, the casino with the best payouts will have no less than 98% RTP.
Not all websites that call themselves casinos have proper licences. Always check if a relevant Gambling Commission regulates a new website.
A no deposit bonus is a profitable offer for a new client, so some new online casinos offer this variant for Canadians.
While some new websites have standard requirements around 40x-50x, you can easily find new platforms with more pleasant wagering.