What is Live Poker and the rules to follow

Live Poker is a game-changer in the gambling industry that allows winning the battles against real dealers in real-time processing. 2010-s is a period when the era of live online competitions has begun. This innovation became a kind of mixture of physical and online worlds. On the one hand, players participate in tournaments, sitting in front of a computer. On the other hand, a real man deals the cards, throws the dice or rotates a Roulette wheel. And, naturally, the most popular representatives of this branch of the industry are Live Texas Hold ’em and some other types of Live Poker.

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Online Poker Vs Live dealer Poker

It is whispered that the fans of online and Live dealer Poker have a tough entity, where each party treats the other as not real gamblers. And this statement has a right to exist, as there are some differences between Live Poker tournaments and online analogues of the same. Essential aspects are represented in the following table.

CriterionLive PokerOnline Poker
Size of the betsThe value of bets varies much, and, as an example, Big Blind can be increased 5 or 6 times by one clickThe system of bets is quite normalized to an even keen, where Big Blind in comparison with Live Poker dealer online can be increased not more than by 2, 2.5 or 3 times.
Bad BeatsLive Poker casino is usually a place for experienced players, where silly bets on weak hands are out of gambling etiquette.Due to the high speed of rounds and a large number of beginners, risking much with every combination, Bad Beats can be met very often. It makes the process of the game focused more on luck than on skills.
Pace of PlayLive Poker online is an entertainment similar to real gambling. As a result, it takes much time to play every round, while participants carefully consider every next step.Online game doesn’t claim for big-time spending. And as many new entries take part in the competitions, every next decision is usually made more instinctively than advisedly.
Information about competitorsOne of the main advantages of Live Poker is the visual contact that sometimes allows understanding whether this or that player has Royal Flush or the hand is very bad.Online Poker players deprive of the opportunity to have verbal contact with opponents.
Rakeback and promotionsPlayers can only claim a very primitive set of additional options as it doesn’t line up with the gameplay in live mode.Gamblers can get various bonuses, rewards, promotions and opportunities to have Rakeback deals.

Generally, the battle “Live Poker Vs online game” is meaningless, as there will always be the fans of each mentioned group due to own and contrary advantages.

Reasons to play Live dealer Poker

Live Poker and an online variant of the game have followers worldwide, ranging from Canada and the USA to China and the Republic of South Africa. And every type of this hazardous pastime has its advantages. So, why are Live Poker online free or Live Poker real money so popular amongst gamblers’ society? The main reasons for this phenomenon are listed below.

  • High buy-ins allow immersing into the atmosphere of land-based casinos with an opportunity to gain a big amount of money.
  • It’s easier to concentrate on the gaming process, as it’s no need to register on many tournaments simultaneously, as fans of online Poker usually do. There are enough things to do while participating in live battles, like character research, studying the tendencies, practicing own behaviour, etc.
  • Live Poker players can feel safe about personal budget, as the management depends only on their own with no much reliance on banking methods of a specific resource.
  • Starting from a casino’s lobby, every fan of Live Poker games has a great chance to get acquainted with world-famous players or meet interesting people.
  • Gamblers have a great chance to feel the atmosphere of real casinos with no additional efforts to take, just by sitting in the armchair.

The mentioned criteria can seem to be very subjective, but there are no chances to dispute against the logic of the positive aspects given above.

Advantages of Live Hold’em

Live Texas Hold ’em is the next stage of online Poker gambling. And despite having many general things in common with online Hold ’em, there are, still, some advantages of Live variant over other types of the game. And the major ones of them are represented in the following list.

  • Tournaments against another player, but not against a dealer, as it is a regular online Poker, give more opportunities to convert personal professionalism into real cash.
  • Live Poker allows getting emotions as close to real gambling as possible.
  • It’s tough to set an exact RTP rate because the final success depends on many aspects, like opponents’ skills, personal luck, etc. But, in any case, the average winning chances are close to 95-97 %.
  • The payments can be of a very high value.

Because the gambling industry develops rapidly, there’s no issue finding acceptable variants to play Live Texas Hold ’em Poker and checking the advantages mentioned above on own experience.

Live Poker variations

Online Poker has many varieties, and, practically, all of them can be met in Live casinos. But there are some popular types of Live Poker, which can be easily found floating around the Internet. The below-given list contains some of such representatives.

  • Live Hold’em Poker.
  • Live Caribbean Stud Poker.
  • Live Three Card Poker.
  • Live Two-Hand Casino Hold ’em Poker.

Let the general rules of all types be quite similar, but there are still some distinctive features that make every type of game unique.

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Live casino Hold’em

Live casino Hold ’em is played against a dealer, not other opponents, as it is in a standard Texas Hold ’em. The number of players is usually not limited. The main goal of Live casino Hold ’em is the same as it’s in regular online games. It’s necessary to collect the best combination out of 2 closed cards and five opened cards (flop, turn and river).

A game starts from the bet Ante that is very similar to Blind in the online version of Poker. Then a player can place an optional bet if there’s a wish. If a player has AA or better on the flop, then the side bet is won. When the flop is dealt, a gambler can call and keep on playing the round. When turn and river cards are clear, the participants compare the total combinations. If a player wins, Ante and other optional bets go back to the pocket with the win. Otherwise, all chips are lost.

Live Caribbean Stud Poker

This is one of the most exciting types of Live Poker with great chances to gain a huge amount of money. When Ante is placed, a player receives five cards, which are face up. A dealer gets five cards, as well. But only one of them is faced up.

Depending on the layout, a gambler decides whether to call or drop the cards. If the challenge is taken, the final bets are made, and the cards will be opened. Ante and other bets go back to the player’s pocket if a dealer has a combination less than AK. If a banker has a game, all participants compare the combinations, and the winner (if a player wins) sweeps the board, drawing on the payment table.

Live Three Card Poker

This is, probably, the simplest but a fascinating type of Live online Poker. When a player places Ante, a banker deals three cards to each party. After this, a gambler decides whether to call by placing a bet or to fold. If there’s a call, combinations are checked, and if a banker has Queen or higher, the winner is to be determined. Otherwise, a gambler gets back the starting bets.

One thrilling option is the availability of additional bets like Pair Plus, Prime Bet, Six-Card Bonus, and others.

Live Games & Mobile Play

The gambling industry develops on an ongoing basis. Thus, nothing is surprising to find well-advanced mobile applications with an opportunity to play Live Poker games for real money or even for free. Both Android and iPhone have serious libraries of APPs for players to participate in various types of Poker in a Live mode. The major part of Poker rooms has their mobile analogue with absolutely the same options that the Original resource has.

Live Poker house edge

When the gameplay is based not only on the randomization system but on the professionalism and skills of the players, as well – there’s a serious challenge to calculate the exact house edge. And Poker Live is one of such entertainments. The opponents may be the beginners, and in this case, the winning chances become much higher. And it can last for 5 or 10 rounds, e.g., visa versa – the other side can be sophisticated that nullify the winning chances.

But statistics allows getting, at least, the broad range of house edges for fans of different types of Live Poker. Thus, the most attractive type is Live Casino Holdem, with 2.16 % of the house edge. Live Ultimate Texas Holdem has 2.43 % of casinos’ advantage. While playing Live Caribbean Stud Poker, a player should consider 5.22 % of the house edge. As for Live Three Card, Poker offers 96.63 % of RTP for Ante and Play bets, when Pair Plus Bonus has 7.28 % of the house edge.

How to play Live dealer Poker

This type of gambling combines two important parts of gambling – quite simple gameplay and a unique opportunity to immerse into the atmosphere of land-based casinos. The general process can be explained just by a couple of sentences. A player and a dealer get some personal cards and have some community cards (usually 5). Then it’s a time for placing the bets. When the bidding rounds are over, the participants compare the hands to determine the winner.

The main differences are closely connected with the number of the dealt cards, the paying tables and the types of available bets, including an option for bonus and additional wagers to gain extra money.

live poker strategy

Live Poker strategy

Poker is a very variable game, and the final result often depends on luck, then on the chosen strategy. When the deck is shuffled after every round, the randomization system compounds the situation with the use of strategies or tactics. But there are still some tips and hints, which can be useful for beginners. First of all, it’s necessary to consider the starting hand carefully, no matter what type of Live Poker a gambler chooses. Generally, a player should keep going when the visible cards are the same or better than a dealer.

More of this, it’s important to put bonus or optional bets to their proper use and not practice upon exercising. And psychological aspect remains one of the most important ones, as players should keep calm during the gaming process and manage the bankroll properly.

Top APPs and casinos to play Live dealer Poker

There are many well-advanced gambling resources, which provide gamblers with an opportunity to play Live Dealer Poker. But the most popular of them are:

  • 888 Casino.
  • Bet365.
  • Mr. Green.
  • Royal Panda.
  • William Hill.

It’s not an issue to explore the Internet and find much more acceptable online casinos and apps to play favourite games. But the beginners can treat the above-given list as the starting point.


The progress doesn’t stand still, and the gambling industry develops with fantastic speed. Live Poker is one of the hazardous entertainments that accumulate followers at an incredible pace. And there are no hesitations that new and new types of Poker will be transferred to the Live mode gambling in the nearest future.

Live Poker FAQ

Live Poker claims to be a safe game. The regulators pay much attention to the safety of gamblers' funds.
Yes, free live poker play is possible, but only a few resources give such an opportunity.
The most efficient way is to study official reviews carefully.
Yes. Some well-advanced casinos offer demo versions of the games.
No. The whole gameplay is under control with the use of a randomization system.