Live dealer casinos – popular entertainments and the structure of live gambling

Live dealer casinos are the best way to sensate the participation effect of land-based gambling without leaving the apartments. Of course, a player won’t find noisy fans surrounding the gambling table, but a real man playing the role of a banker can make the participants forget that they are sitting in front of a computer, not at one of the land-based casinos. Live dealer online casino games don’t claim any additional skills to participate in exciting tournaments.

live dealer casinos

How Does the Live Casino Work?

The functioning of live dealer casinos comes at a price and requires additional efforts to move the casino tables and a dealer into virtual reality. That’s why not all software providers meet the challenge. But well-advanced of them, like Microgaming, Realtime Gaming, Playtech, have filled the niche and already have millions of grateful followers from all over the world, who bring a massive income to the companies’ budgets.

If to go into the matter of live dealer games functioning on the engineering side, it’s necessary to describe the following process. All the cards in a deck (if we are speaking about the card games) have microchips connected with a special computer program. When a banker deals cards, information is transferred to the users’ screens with the help of the software.

Every card taken out of the deck is scanned to display the respective information. All other parts of the gameplay remain practically the same as it is with regular online gambling. Thus, a live dealer casinos player can see a size of a bet, personal bankroll, etc. The rest process is similar and habitual for all fans of gambling. The cards are dealt, the bets are made, the bids are processed, the winner is determined.

Live chat with a dealer is a significant part of any live casino. The conversation can not only help to relax and make fun but to get some advice and important information from a banker, as well.

Best Live Dealer Casino Games

live dealer poker

Poker games in live dealer casinos

Any Poker is always a trademark of featured live dealer casinos. The basic structure and the rules of different live Poker varieties are the same as the regular online analogs have. But there’s one big difference between them. Gamblers need to win against other game participants, while the live type of entertainment means to beat a dealer’s hand.

Live casino Hold’em

A game starts from Ante – a starting bet similar to Blinds in a regular online Poker. If there’s a desire, a player can place aside (optional) bet. Then 2 cards are dealt both to a player and to a dealer. Flop is shown in the center of the table. A gambler can double Ante or leave the situation as it is. After the decision is made, a banker deals River and Turn. Then 2 dealer’s closed cards are put face up, and the opponents compare their combinations.

A Pair of 4s is a minimal dealer’s combination that can be qualified. In this case, if a player has a better hand, the win is paid. Otherwise, the best is lost. If a banker hasn’t a necessary combination, then the bet, made by a gambler, is refunded.

3 Card Poker

It’s definitely, the simplest type of Live Poker. A player makes a standard bet Ante together with an optional bet, like Pairs Plus, e.g. 3 cards are dealt with each party from the beginning of the round. A user gets them face up, while a banker receives three cards face down. A gambler decides whether to increase a bet and to check the hands or to fold the hand. The better combination wins the bank.

Live Caribbean Poker

This is a newcomer in live dealer casinos online. The most popular software providers of the game are Evolution Gaming, Vivo Gaming and XPRO Gaming. The gameplay of this live entertainment resembles 3 Card Poker, with the main difference in the quantity of the dealt cards. A player gets 5 cards face up, while a dealer receives 4 cards face down and one card face up to simplify the gamblers’ decision-making. There are just 2 variants of the game’s continuation. A player plays or folds. At the end of every round, the hands are compared, and the winner is determined.

Live Blackjack

This is quite a simple, but from this no less exciting hazardous game. The main goal is to collect 21 points, or, at least, to have a better combination than a dealer has. There are no big differences between online Blackjack and the game with a live dealer. But, still, some points should be considered carefully while playing a game in various live dealer casinos with different software. Every resource has its own rules regarding such options as split, double, insurance, side bets, etc. It’s just necessary to check the features of a specific casino before placing the first bet.

Live Roulette

Generally, there are no differences between online and live Roulette, with one major exception. A real banker manages live gameplay variants. The gaming process translates to a dealer accepting the bets, rotating wheel, and a ball falling out. This small detail allows, immersing into the atmosphere of the land-based casinos. There is no need for live dealer casinos to implement well-advanced software, as the gameplay is quite simple that doesn’t make it less exciting.

live dealer roulette

Live Baccarat

The main differentiating feature of the game is the availability of a real banker dealing the cards. The whole process is widespread for fans of the game. First, it’s necessary to make a deposit, then choose a free table, define the size of the bet, choose one of three available variants (a player’s win, a dealer’s win, a tie), and check the results. Live chat provides gamblers with an opportunity to be in touch with a dealer and to get the answers to all possible questions.

There are other exciting live dealer games like Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, Texas Hold ’em Bonus Poker, Three-Card Brag, etc. But the entertainments mentioned above are the most hugely popular among gamblers from all over the world.

Comparing Live Casinos and Online Casinos

The main aspect of live and online casinos is the existence of hazard and excitement. But the same goal is achieved in different ways in the two mentioned variants. The main option is a self-explanatory one – in one instance, the game is underway against a computer. In the second type of gambling, the main opponent is a real dealer. But there are some more specific features, which distinguish one type from the other. The main of them are represented in the below-given list.

  • Gameplay. Online gambling is based on the random number generator that excludes any variants to count the cards or influence the process somehow. At the same time, live dealer casinos use the “manpower,” acting through a real banker that allows participants to be wrapped up in the gaming process by seeing the dealer’s actions.
  • Software. Online casinos use quite the standard software provided by dozens of companies. While live gambling claims for some sophisticated computer decisions, it’s necessary to combine artificial intelligence and a human factor represented by a live dealer.
  • Betting. Because the expenditures connected with online gambling are less than the same for live mode entertainment, the variety of betting systems is also different. Thus, online casinos provide players with an opportunity to place minimal bets of many types. Live gambling is a more expensive technology that leads to the increasing level of the lowest bets’ limits. At the same time, the higher bets make players act accurately for not to lose the whole bankroll within 5 minutes. It develops the imagination of the game process, while regular online gamblers sometimes rely only on luck, making silly bets.
  • Bonus and promotion systems. Live dealer casinos are not about a diverse system of bonuses and promotions. The main idea is to make the gambling process as close to the land-based atmosphere as possible, so the structure and the rules strive to be alike as they are in real life. As players would hardly meet attractive gifts, sitting at the Poker table somewhere in Las Vegas. Online casinos build their policy of rewards inversely when users can claim financial power-ups. It is a nice option, especially for beginners, but it pulls the process away from a real one.
  • Social aspect. The main and probably the most important aspect that makes live gambling very attractive and desirable for real fans is the social dimension. Participants can print messages to the opponents, as it is in regular online games, and have real-life communication with a dealer, as an example. It allows diving deeply into the process of the competitions.

Online and live dealer casinos have their fan clubs, but it’s impossible to deny the fact that gambling against real dealers is something new and special that allows immersing into the atmosphere of land-based casinos, sitting in a comfortable armchair or lying in a bed.


Online casinos have more followers these days than live dealer casinos have, but it’s conditional upon the simplicity of implementation and the ease of use. But there are no hesitations that the future is in live gambling with advances in technology. Beyond all doubts, the library of the games against real bankers will be extended much in the nearest future.

Of course, the fans of regular online casinos won’t disappear, due to their advantages, like attractive bonuses and promotions. But these aspects will never take the place of real emotions, which can be received, participating in the battles against real dealers.

Live Dealer Casinos FAQ

Yes, they are. But every territory can have its own rules, which should be considered.
All banking activities are encrypted by the latest technology that avoids losing funds.
Live gambling technology claims for quite advanced software characteristics, but they are not neck-wrenching.
Software providers release new games constantly, so there are already many games available.
The most popular and well-advanced companies are: Evolution Gaming, Playtech and Microgaming.